Ariel Luckey

Drawing on years of direct experience in social and environmental justice movements, Ariel Luckey offers consulting, coaching, trainings and workshops to increase individual and organizational capacity to challenge oppression and work for community liberation. Based on the New Bridges / TODOS model and his own innovative curriculum, Luckey facilitates groups through experiential processes that offer effective techniques, skills and concepts to challenge racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, adultism and other forms of oppression in our personal and professional lives. Luckey often works in collaboration with other leaders from his diverse and dynamic community of facilitators and trainers. He brings passion and commitment to individuals and community groups ready to take action and build alliances for social and environmental justice.

Past clients have included People’s Grocery, Bioneers, Sports for Kids, Youth for Environmental Sanity, Arizmendi Bakery, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, Casey Family Programs, Berks Women in Crisis and many more.