rememory Album


rememory Album
Original Music by Lila Sklar
Poetry and Lyrics by Ariel Luckey
inspired by the play Amnesia



ememory the continued presence of that which has been forgotten…

Inspired by Toni Morrison’s Beloved, as when Sethe “remember[s] something she had forgotten she knew” (pg 61)

After a successful World Premiere of Amnesia at La Peña Cultural Center in May 2014, we are making an album inspired by the play’s score: rememory. Featuring poetry, lyrics, violin, accordion, cello, trumpet, mandolin, percussion and electronic beats, rememory is a unique blend of Klezmer, Mexican Folk, Hip Hop and Dubstep.

When you pre-order rememory, you will provide much needed funds to support the recording and post-production work on the album. Help us forge forward in our community arts and action and spread the word of immigrant justice to a wider audience.

Once you complete your order, you will receive an email confirmation and when the album is ready this summer, you will be one of the first to hear the music! You will receive an email with a download code for the full album and our eternal gratitude.

For more information about the play Amnesia, visit: Amnesia.


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