Searching For White Folk Soul


Searching For White Folk Soul

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Ariel Luckey’s highly anticipated first book of poetry and lyrics, Searching For White Folk Soul, includes “ID Check”, “The Nightly News” and “Moving Towards Home” as well as excerpts from Luckey’s solo hip hop theater show, Free Land. The book also features original illustrations by Octavio de la Paz and photos by Betty Bastidas.

  • Printed on %100 recycled paper
  • Educator discounts available for group orders.
  • For more info contact Ariel here.

Ariel writes with a passionate new voice that embodies both jackhammer intensity and breathtaking tenderness. His poetry is a compelling call to action. His work honors the human potential in all of us for honesty, reconciliation, social justice, and wholeness.
— Peggy McIntosh Author of “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”

Ariel Luckey is a crucial truth-teller and love-warrior; his chosen weapons, the magic music words that urge action, the warm embrace that does justice. Read these poems: they kick ass and touch our hearts in the same dazzling gesture. Read them quickly and with urgency; read them slowly and with care; read them repeatedly for the complexity they will yield. Read them.
— Bill Ayers, Professor of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago
and Co-Founder of the Weather Underground


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