Thangs Taken: rethinking thanksgiving

This year, instead of being a live event, Thangs Taken is going to be an online cultural and fundraising campaign for the Shuumi Land Tax. Stay tuned for how you can be involved...

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the first ten Thangs Taken: rethinking thanksgivings. It has been a powerful space of art and culture celebrating Indigenous resilience. Over the last decade, we have had dozens of phenomenal artists, activists and community leaders come through and bless thousands of people with their brilliance. We've also raised thousands of dollars for a number of local causes and campaigns including the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust. For the last few years, we added Thangs Taken for Kids and Families featuring stories, songs and fun activities for elementary school-aged children. We taking a break this year from producing the live event to focus on directly supporting the work that's happening in the community.

Thangs Taken (2015)

Thangs Taken: rethinking thanksgiving is an annual cultural arts event that brings artists, activists and communities together to explore the complex history of Thanksgiving and to acknowledge the legacy of U.S. colonialism and genocide against Native Americans. Co-curated and hosted by Ariel Luckey, in collaboration with the Sogorea Te Land Trust, Thangs Taken features live music, dance, film, spoken word poetry, theater and visual art installations from Native and non-Native artists. Grounded in grassroots activism, Thangs Taken also features leaders from local social and environmental justice organizations to provide information on current campaigns and concrete ways to take action in the community. With the arts at the center, people from diverse backgrounds gather to engage in critical dialogue and to stand in the power of our collective ability to create a world based in peace and justice that we can truly be thankful for.

Each year Thangs Taken raises hundreds of dollars for a specific community organization or campaign. Past events have benefited the Ohlone Shellmound Walk, the Longest Walk 2, the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, the Indigenous Delegation to Palestine and the Hintil Ku Caa Preschool in Oakland. Celebrating our common humanity and the legacy of resistance to colonization, we create a circle of prayers, poems, pictures, songs, stories and movement.